Virginia to change school named after Confederate general to “Barack Obama Elementary School.”

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Courtesy of The Hill:

A Richmond, Va., elementary school named after a Confederate general voted on Monday night to rename itself after former President Obama.

According to local CBS News affiliate WTVR, J.E.B. Stuart Elementary will now be named Barack Obama Elementary School.

The Richmond Public School board voted six to one to change the name. The new name was among the top three of seven finalists, including Northside and Wishtree.

According to WTVR the names were submitted by parents, students, staff and community members.

The school’s student body, WTVR reports, is about 95 percent African-American.

Can you imagine being a black parent and having to send your child to a school named after a Confederate general? 

That is like having to send your Jewish child to Adolph Hitler High. 

I have to say that I always love hearing about places being named after Barack Obama, but this one seems extra special. 

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