Video emerges of the Trump supporter who brandishes a gun during peaceful “Families Belong Together” rally.

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What a tool!

Courtesy of WaPo:

It began around noon, as an Episcopal priest delivered a prayer to about 100 protesters gathered around the gazebo and a man marched back and forth in front of her, shouting “womp, womp!”

“Holy and ever-loving God . . .” said the priest, Kerry Holder-Joffrion.

“Womp, womp!” said the man.

“We pray for the children of this nation and all nations . . .”


The man was parroting former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who had uttered the same sound on Fox News several days earlier during a discussion about migrant children being seized from their parents at the border. Lewandowski’s sarcastic “womp, womp” revolted many people — but also apparently inspired a certain segment of Trump’s supporters, as the people at Big Spring Park were now discovering.

The man continued to disrupt until the end of the prayer at which time he pulled out his gun. 

After demonstrating his little metal penis extender the man tucked it back into his waistband and started walking away with a few protesters cautiously tailing him. 

A police cruiser then arrived and placed the POS under arrest.  

Now keep in mind that this person went to that protest with the obvious intention of creating a conflict. 

So did he bring the gun out of fear that somebody might assault him, or was he actually hoping for a physical confrontation during which he could exercise his 2nd Amendment rights? 

We don’t know that yet, but what is clear from that video is that this guy was looking for a confrontation, so I would think that he brought the gun with the real intention of using it. 

That gun’s very existence at that peaceful rally placed all of those people in immediate peril. 

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