Two Malaysian women publicly beaten for being lesbians.

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Trying to beat love out of a person seems more than just a little archaic. 

Courtesy of CNN:

Two gay women have been caned in Malaysia amid a worsening climate for LGBT individuals in the Muslim-majority Southeast Asian nation.

The punishment of the two unnamed women took place Monday morning in Terengganu, a state to the east of the capital, Kuala Lumpur, according to rights campaigner Thilaga Sulathireth. The state is governed by Sharia law.

Each woman was lashed six times after being caught attempting to have sex in a parked car. They were also required to pay a fine of 3,300 ringgit ($800).

Sulathireth, who witnessed the caning along with around 100 other people, told CNN that it was a “public caning to all intents and purposes,” and that one of the judges had said it was the first time a punishment of this kind had been open to the public.

Monday’s punishment shows the religious right “flexing their muscles and making clear that the laws against LGBT activity will be enforced in their state,” said Linda Lakhdhir, a legal adviser in the Asia Division of Human Rights Watch. Homosexual sex is illegal throughout Malaysia under colonial-era criminal law.

This public caning follows last month’s raid of Kuala Lumpur’s only gay clubs.

Malaysia is predominantly Muslim, but if you don’t think that Christianity has just as many oppressive ideas about homosexuality than you have not been reading your Bible, or visiting any Evangelical church services.

This kind of attitude is based on ignorance and fear and does not have any place in the 21st century. 

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  1. Anonymous September 4, 2018 at 7:08 am

    “roadblocks by the church — which claims that the reported 1984 assault falls outside the statute of limitations — as well as a judge employed by Brigham Young University who has dismissed some of her claims.” “Denson confronted the man she claims assaulted her in his own temple at what the Friendly Atheists’ Hemant Mehta described as “a Fast and Testimony meeting, where members break a fast and share their stories about accepting Heavenly Father into their lives.””

    “Christian activist, however, admitted that the activist groups’ mix of faith and politics was hard to beat and had the ability to draw “big bucks.” Indeed, as Time estimated, Bible smuggling groups raised US$30 million a year in the late 1970s – a bit over $100 million today.

    After communism: Islam and homosexuality
    ” Graham in turn praised Putin for his support of Orthodox Christianity, contrasting Russia’s “positive changes” with the rise of atheistic secularism in the U.S.”
    ” When Putin signed a Russian law in June 2016 that outlawed any sharing of one’s faith in homes, online or anywhere else but recognized church buildings, some evangelicals were outraged, but others looked away.

    This is in part because of his claim to be “defender of Christians,” but also because he is seen to be a partner in upholding conservative values on opposing LGBTQ+ rights and nontraditional views of the family. Franklin Graham was among those who waxed enthusiastically about Russia’s laws against “gay propaganda.””

  2. Anonymous September 4, 2018 at 8:28 am

    I don’t know as humans, who died and made us judges but it seems that there are plenty of judges on this earth and I am sorry that those women were punished like that. I watched a documentary on gay men who were forced to get sex changes in Iran. It was heartbreaking! Why are people so damned occupied with what other people do under the sheets? Or in their car for that matter. I always say, if you are a consenting adult and you are not hurting anyone else then que sera, what will be, will be. This could get real bad for us Americans if the Franklin Grahams and Pat Robertsons, and Mike Huckabees run our country. They will stick their damn noses where they don’t belong. Women will be hostages to narrow minded men. Ugh. Just the thought. It wouldn’t even be worth existing if our country became a theocracy like they are trying to make it. Look at the catholic church and their systematic protection of their predators.

    • JB$ September 4, 2018 at 8:51 am

      1st in Line> 666Pence=theAntiChRi$T! His wet dream cum TRUE!

    • Anonymous September 4, 2018 at 1:59 pm

      Hear hear! Sweep your own doorstep first!

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