Trump Administration rejects report proving that refugees are not behind terrorist attacks, in order to continue their anti-immigrant agenda.

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The Trump Administration, where facts go to die. 

Courtesy of NBC News:

The Trump administration has consistently sought to exaggerate the potential security threat posed by refugees and dismissed an intelligence assessment last year that showed refugees did not present a significant threat to the U.S., three former senior officials told NBC News.

Hard-liners in the administration then issued their own report this year that several former officials and rights groups say misstates the evidence and inflates the threat posed by people born outside the U.S.

At a meeting in September 2017 with senior officials discussing refugee admissions, a representative from the National Counterterrorism Center came ready to present a report that analyzed the possible risks presented by refugees entering the country.

But before he could discuss the report, Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand dismissed the report, saying her boss, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, would not be guided by its findings.

“We read that. The attorney general doesn’t agree with the conclusions of that report,” she said, according to two officials familiar with the meeting, including one who was in the room at the time.

By simply rejecting this report out of hand the Associate Attorney General was rejecting the findings of the FBI and the Justice Department, in other words, her own people. 

And the rationale for this decision is a real head-shaker:

A spokeswoman for DHS said, “If we only look at what terrorists have done in the past, we will never be able to prevent future attacks … We cannot let dangerous individuals slip through the cracks and exploit our refugee program, which is why we have implemented security enhancements that would prevent such violent individuals from reaching our shores, while still upholding our humanitarian ideals.”

I don’t even know what to do with that. 

Let’s face it in Trump world terrorists have to be brown skinned Muslims from one of those countries that Donald Trump cannot pronounce. 

You know, like “Canada.”

The idea that the vast majority of terrorist attacks are carried out by people born right here in this country, many with, dare I say it, white skin, is simply information that Trump and his racist cronies cannot accept as factual. 

And that means that Americans will continue to be terrorized by white supremacists, militia extremists, and angry ammosexuals. 

Hell, why would a foreign terrorist even bother to attack America at this time? 

After all how much more damage could they possibly do to the country that Donald Trump is not already doing? 

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  1. AnonymoustOO September 8, 2018 at 7:13 am

    OT-” I just know Anonymous and the other “quiet resisters” have that one in hand. Nothing to see here, folks. Go about your business. You can count on Anonymous to protect us.” ” As Anonymous assured us in that lame-ass op-ed, that’s not the deep state, that’s the “steady state,” honey.” “the dame who coined the phrase “alternative facts” is on look out. No icebergs on the horizon, folks. Full steam ahead. Trust the “quiet resistance” in the White House. They’ve got our backs. Everything is just fucking peachy keen.” <RiiiggghhhttT

    • Anonymous September 8, 2018 at 7:22 pm

      Isn’t that called a coup? Only they’ve kept their figurehead puppet for the cameras. This isn’t DAVE. It’s more like that Richard Dreyfus movie about that fictional banana republic.

  2. BLM September 8, 2018 at 7:36 am

    “No One Tracks Police Brutality In Schools”
    “The police officers who get stationed in schools often have no training to work specifically with children, meaning they might apply to young children the same tactics they use on the street. This could put children in harm’s way, and also funnel them into the criminal justice system at a young age for school misbehaviors. The roles these police officers play ― and the level of power they possess ― vary on a school district by district basis, based on individual agreements between local police department and school leaders. ”
    “police officers overestimate the ages of kids of color and are less likely to see them as innocent children. Data also shows that students of color are disproportionately punished more harshly than their white counterparts.”
    “The research and lived experiences of communities of color show there’s little to no evidence police make schools safer, but there’s an increasing number of incidents in which students, particularly students of color, are targeted by law enforcement and are referred to law enforcement or arrested for minor infractions,” “I don’t understand why this is the practice of a school to tase children like they’re animals ― cows pretty much,”
    “Next they will be shooting them.” “I just need them to know they’re dealing with children. They’re not in a correctional facility,”

  3. anonymous September 8, 2018 at 8:14 am

    Computational Propaganda
    “sporting T-shirts and signs and apparently unworried that anyone consuming coverage of the event would know they believe in a revisionist version of current events—narrated by “Q,” a mysterious online figure claiming to be a high-clearance government official—in which special counsel Robert Mueller is in fact working with the president to arrest a vast conspiracy (and pedophile ring) of global elites. If their presence at the rally seemed strange, however, it was nothing next to the appearance in the Oval Office two weeks ago of one of QAnon’s biggest promoters, radio host and YouTuber Lionel Lebron, posing for a photo with President Trump.”
    “(for “politically incorrect”) channel on 4chan, the anything-goes message board where many of the most insidious far-right memes and misdeeds are hatched. These breadcrumbs are now feeding what looks like a not-exactly-minuscule audience of Americans: ” A recent Q post alleged that the late Sen. John McCain actually took his own life to avoid a trial by military tribunal”
    ” posting curious missives that often read like incomplete thoughts. “Priority to clean out the bad actors to unite people behind the America First agenda. Many in our govt worship Satan,” reads one of Q’s stanzas.”
    ” 8chan, an even shadier message board where Q has been spotted, the bulk of them seem to be learning about Q through the internet most of us occupy—in YouTube videos, in Facebook groups, and from Twitter accounts dedicated to republishing and analyzing new breadcrumbs from Q and highlighting details in the news that they claim support Q’s legitimacy.” “the desire of this group of Trump supporters to live in a reality in which an unpopular president mired in self-made controversies is actually winning.” “we do know that this kind of automated account—the kind that was a menace during the 2016 campaign, thanks to a Russian disinformation effort—often tweets about issues, such as gun control and racial justice, that divide Americans and stoke sociopolitical tensions. Apparently, belief in QAnon is now one of those partisan issues—and it looks like some parties may have recognized its potential to rile up and divide Americans very, very quickly.”

  4. Anonymous September 8, 2018 at 9:59 am

    Thanks, Gryph, I’ve been waiting for this. Domestic terrorists predominately our own citizens and white.
    But I never understood “America’s mayor,” nor “America’s team,” nor DICK Cheney watching with satisfaction 9/11 and why he got the new heart when so any others more deserving.

  5. anon September 8, 2018 at 10:17 am


    This Group Teaches Kids to Love Guns, and U.S. Taxpayers Foot the Bill “The complex is an embodiment of CMP’s self-declared purpose: “To promote firearm safety and marksmanship training with an emphasis on youth.”
    The Civilian Marksmanship Program funds its mission by selling hand-me-down military weapons.
    Most of that wealth—far more than the National Rifle Association Foundation has—effectively comes from the continuing generosity of the federal government. CMP is the U.S. Army’s designated retailer of cast-off weapons, making it a nonprofit with a very profitable franchise. The next big payday will come later this year when CMP starts selling thousands of M1911s, the U.S. military’s sidearm of choice for more than 70 years. If CMP accomplishes this mission, every child touched by its outreach programs will do his or her part to participate in gun culture across the country for decades to come. And we, the people, will have helped pay for it, regardless of our views on guns, through the highly unusual gift of second-hand military rifles and pistols.
    To many supporters on Capitol Hill and elsewhere, CMP’s most endearing quality may be its work with grassroots programs, especially for kids. It cooperates with such outside organizations as A Girl & A Gun, a women-only shooting group, and a breast cancer charity called Shooters for Hooters, along with thousands of other local clubs and youth programs. CMP hauls a mobile marksmanship range to events around the country.”

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