Threats of school violence are on the rise.

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Unsurprising, but also troubling.

Courtesy of the New York Post:

Threats against city schools have reached epidemic proportions.

The NYPD has fielded 334 threats of violence against schools since September, an average of two a day — and 18 percent more than the 282 threats received over the same time last school year, the department told The Post.

While the NYPD would not give the number of arrests made in connection to the threats, the problem has worsened as school shootings continue around the country, including the Feb. 14 massacre of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS in Parkland, Fla., and the May 18 killing of 10 at Santa Fe HS in Texas.

A week after the Texas tragedy, NYC schools reported threats on three consecutive days:

  • On Monday, the school where President Trump’s son Barron used to attend, Columbia Grammar and Preparatory on West 93rd Street, was evacuated and closed when the words “shooting today at 12:45” were found scrawled in a girl’s restroom stall. The school reopened the next day, and the case remains under investigation, police said.
  • On Tuesday, the principal of MS 279 on Walton Avenue in The Bronx called 911 to report a student warning, “You watch. I’m going to shoot you all down.” The 13-year-old was angrily reacting to a classmate who mocked him for an Instagram page where his mom displayed tattoos, sources said. The menacing remark took on more urgency when cops found a video of the boy learning how to fire a weapon at a shooting range.
  • On Wednesday, a student at Aviation HS in Long Island City, the highly rated trade school where kids learn airplane mechanics, allegedly Snapchatted a photo of guns, knives, and rifles with the caption: “I’m going to napalm the school.” Ten cops rushed to the school after a student’s dad reported seeing a screenshot of the threat. No one was arrested as of Friday.

Violence always begets more violence. 

Now if there were only some laws we could pass that would minimize the damage these children might do if indeed they were to make good on their threats. 

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