Good news, the North Korea nuclear summit is back on. Just like Vladimir Putin demanded.

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Pull the string and make the puppet dance.

Courtesy of CNN:

A week after abruptly scrapping his prized summit with Kim Jong Un, President Donald Trump buoyantly announced on Friday the historic talks were back on for June 12 in Singapore.

His reversal came after receiving a letter from Kim, hand delivered to the White House by the dictator’s top envoy. Trump initially told reporters the missive was “very interesting.” But he later acknowledged he hadn’t read it yet.

The contents of the note from Pyongyang appeared to matter little to Trump, who sounded an optimistic — and conciliatory — note about the prospects for a deal. He said harsh statements from the North lampooning Vice President Mike Pence and threatening nuclear war were a thing of the past.

“I think we’re over that, totally over that, and now we’re going to deal and we’re going to really start a process,” Trump said on the South Lawn after meeting with the North Korean envoy, Kim Yong Chol, for more than an hour in the Oval Office.

“We’re meeting with the chairman on June 12 and I think it’s probably going to be a very successful — ultimately a successful process,” Trump said.

Of course, he did not bother to read the letter, he was already told by his Russian overlord that he needed to make this summit happen. 

As I said just four days ago after Vladimir Putin publicly expressed his disappointment that Trump canceled the summit, it was a given that Trump would find a way to put it back on the agenda. 

I am going to say this over and over again until it finally sinks in, Donald Trump is a Russian agent who answers to Vladimir Putin.

Remember what that former counterintelligence agent said about Trump even before he won the election:

“We knew we had a Russian agent on our hands.”


Whether or not you think this summit is a good thing or a bad thing is irrelevant. What is important to realize is that it benefits the Chinese and Russian agenda that it move forward, and THAT is why it is moving forward. 

Anybody who thinks that Trump works or cares for the American people is completely deluding themselves.

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  1. Anonymous June 1, 2018 at 4:59 pm

    Kim Jong Un has been taking violin lessons from Chinese president Xi Jing Pin and pretty soon he’ll be playing Trump like Paganini played a Stradivarius.

    Son, all you need to do is flatter the idiot a little bit, tell him how smart he is, and how great with the ladies you think he is, and before you know it, he’ll be offering to sell you as many of America’s nukes as you want.

  2. Anonymous June 1, 2018 at 5:39 pm

    Now that Melania is out of the way, does he get hookers at night to pee on him?

  3. anonymous June 1, 2018 at 8:33 pm


    “If Mr. Mueller does have evidence that Mr. Trump committed a crime, he has every incentive to indict at the earliest reasonable opportunity. Mr. Mueller is technically a member of the executive branch, which Mr. Trump heads. Mr. Trump has repeatedly asserted both his dislike of Mr. Mueller and that he has the power to fire Mr. Mueller. Without an act of Congress protecting Mr. Mueller, Mr. Trump is likely correct that Mr. Mueller can be fired.

    However, federal judges are employed by the judicial branch of government and not the executive. They also have lifetime appointments and cannot be fired other than through impeachment. That means that unlike Mr. Mueller, judges cannot be fired or otherwise interfered with by the head of the executive branch.

    An early indictment by Mr. Mueller does not relinquish any power or ability to investigate. It merely empowers a different branch (the judiciary) with jurisdiction over the defendant. If the indictment is sealed, Mr. Mueller could proceed with the investigation as if there were no indictment at all. In the event he wishes to add new charges, he can simply seek a “superseding indictment.” This is basically a second indictment that takes the place of the first once new information is found and prosecutors wish to change the scope of the prosecution.

    The important consideration for Mr. Mueller is that even if he should be fired after a sealed indictment issues, this action would ensure Mr. Trump would still be a criminal defendant held accountable by the judicial branch.”

  4. Gryphen June 1, 2018 at 9:50 pm

    I wonder how we can convince Putin to make Trump institute universal health care?

  5. Anonymous June 2, 2018 at 7:35 am

    OT-?”Anti-Fake News Act.””
    “a sovereign wealth fund, 1MDB. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, at least $4.5 billion was diverted and laundered from the fund. Around $680 million is alleged to have ended up in Razak’s personal bank account.” “Three nations, Malaysia, China, and Australia funded the first unsuccessful search which is estimated to have cost $180 million. Of that, Malaysia contributed $100 million, Australia $60 million, and China $20 million.

    For Malaysia that works out at just over $400,000 per passenger lost, or little more than the cost of a Birkin bag.”

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