The chairman of the House Republican campaign arm has finally found somebody in their party too racist to support, Steve King.

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Okay but hasn’t Steve King ALWAYS been a racist?

Courtesy of WaPo:

The chairman of the House Republican campaign arm on Tuesday condemned recent remarks made by Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) on white nationalism, becoming the highest-profile GOP leader to rebuke the lawmaker to date.

In a tweet Tuesday afternoon, Rep. Steve Stivers (R-Ohio), chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, said that King’s “recent comments, actions, and retweets are completely inappropriate.”

Stivers’s remarks set him apart from the top three House Republican leaders — Speaker Paul D. Ryan (Wis.), Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) and Majority Whip Steve Scalise (La.) — all of whom have declined to criticize King in recent weeks.

King issued a statement on Twitter late Tuesday afternoon in which he denounced “Establishment Never Trumpers” and attacks that he said were “orchestrated by nasty, desperate, and dishonest fake news” and aimed to “flip the House and impeach Donald Trump.”

Yeah, that’s it. 

It’s not because the Republican party is starting to realize that the browning of the country means that their racist rhetoric is about to bite them on their plump white asses and are doing a little damage control by creating some distance from the fringe racist elements that will ultimately doom their party. 

Or it could have to do with butter. 

Courtesy of CNN:

Dairy-product company Land O’Lakes and pet-food giant Purina on Tuesday announced they would no longer financially support Iowa Rep. Steve King after their political donations to the Republican spurred online criticism.

The eight-term congressman’s sharp rhetoric about race, ethnicity and immigrants over the years, including his retweet of a statement by a Nazi sympathizer, faced renewed scrutiny this week following a massacre at a Pittsburgh synagogue that left 11 dead.

Land O’Lakes Political Action Committee donated $2,500 in late June to King’s re-election campaign.

“We take our civic responsibility seriously, want our contributions to be a positive forces for good and also seek to ensure that recipients of our contributions uphold our company’s values,” the PAC said in a statement. “On that basis, we have determined that our PAC will no longer support Rep. Steve King moving forward.”

I think my favorite Steve King quote of all time is the one where he claimed that the Mexicans crossing the southern border had calves the size of cantaloupes from carrying all of those drugs across the desert. 

And by “favorite” I mean “most horrendous.” 

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    After to years of not being able to grab a pussy, Trump caught up for lost time and grabbed Paul Ryan today.

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