Six Sandy Hook families and an FBI agent file defamation suit against Alex Jones.

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I hope they shut his ass down.

Courtesy of ABC News:

Six families of victims killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting, as well as an FBI agent who responded to the scene, filed a defamation lawsuit today against radio personality Alex Jones, who has repeatedly called the shooting fake.

The lawsuit accuses Jones, a staunch gun rights advocate who operates Infowars, a website that routinely propagates conspiracies, of “a years-long campaign of abusive and outrageous false statements.”

“While the nation recoiled at the terrible reality of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Alex Jones saw an opportunity,” the families’ attorney Josh Koskoff said. “He went on a sustained attack that has lasted for years, accusing shattered family members of being actors, stating as fact that the shooting itself was a hoax and inciting others to act on these malicious lies.

”The plaintiffs are the parents of four children killed at Sandy Hook — Jacqueline and Mark Barden, parents of Daniel; Nicole and Ian Hockley, parents of Dylan; Francine and David Wheeler, parents of Ben; and Jennifer Hensel and Jeremy Richman, parents of Avielle — as well as Donna Soto, Carlee Soto-Parisi, Carlos Soto and Jillian Soto, the mother and siblings of first-grade teacher Victoria Leigh Soto; and Erica Lafferty-Garbatini, the daughter of Sandy Hook Elementary School Principal Dawn Hochsprung. FBI agent Bill Aldenberg is also a plaintiff.“

As a result of Jones’ campaign,” the families and Aldenberg said they have been “forced to endure malicious and cruel abuse at the hands of ruthless unscrupulous people.”

This is awesome news. 

It is well past time that those who purposefully engage in conspiracy theories that harm or defame other people are held accountable. 

In a nutshell, Alex Jones is a complete and utter POS. 

He has no, and I mean NO, redeeming qualities whatsoever and simply panders to the most ignorant and hate-filled citizens of this country. 

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  1. anonymous May 24, 2018 at 7:06 am

    HARTFORD, Conn. —”This is not the first suit challenging Jones and InfoWars for comments about Sandy Hook. Three parents filed suit in a Texas court in April.”

    “A defamation lawsuit has been filed against broadcaster Alex Jones, along with some of his associates”

    ‘”Jones is the chief amplifier for a group that has worked in concert to create and propagate loathsome, false narratives about the Sandy Hook shooting and its victims, and promote their harassment and abuse,” the lawsuit states. There are also six companies named in the suit, including various entities related to Jones’ InfoWars website.” “The legal complaint says Jones does not believe the shooting was a hoax, but nevertheless he has repeatedly accused Sandy Hook families of faking their family members’ deaths.

    “The Jones defendants concoct elaborate and false paranoia-tinged conspiracy theories because it moves product and they make money,” the suit alleges. “Not because they truly believe what they are saying, but rather because it increases profits.””
    “”We’ve clearly got people where it’s actors playing different parts of different people,” the suit quotes Jones as saying on March 14, 2014. “I’ve looked at it and undoubtedly there’s a cover-up, there’s actors, they’re manipulating, they’ve been caught lying and they were pre-planning before it and rolled out with it.”

    “The Alex Jones Show” is broadcast on more than 60 radio stations, and his YouTube channel has more than 2.3 million subscribers, according to the complaint.”
    ” “I’m not going to get into the real defects of this, I’m going to wait until it’s thrown out with prejudice.”

    Jones described the lawsuit as an attack on him and the First Amendment.

    “This is the modern Lexington, this is the modern Concord. This is the modern fight where they’re coming to take it all,” he said. “This is defamation against me, it’s an information war. It’s a misrepresentation…They can find lawyers every week to file disinformation. It says they’re desperate and they’re wild and it shows we’ve got to get past their intimidation.””Wolfgang Halbig created conspiracy videos, harassed family members and others in Newtown and ran websites about Sandy Hook, the complaint says, and Cory Sklanka helped him create the videos and run at least one of the websites.

    “Children did not die, teachers did not die, on December 14, 2012,” Halbig said on one of Jones’ shows, according to the complaint.

    “I mean it’s fake…it’s fake…you’ve got parents acting…it’s just the fakest thing since the three-dollar bill,”
    “allegations that a father of one of the victims faked her death to “steal money from hard-working Americans,” and another couple lied about having a daughter to make money.

    Genesis Communications, which distributes Jones’ radio show, and Midas Resources, which sells precious metals, dietary supplements and other items on the show, were also named in the suit.”

  2. anonymous May 24, 2018 at 7:14 am

    OT-FYI>” Trump praised the new rule, calling it “historic.”” WINNING!

    “The Conference Report described the intent of this provision as follows: It is, and has been, the intent of both Houses that funds authorized under this legislation be used only to support preventive family planning services, population research, infertility services and other related medical, information, and educational activities. The conferees have adopted the language contained in section 1008, which prohibits the use of such funds for abortion, in order to make clear this intent.”

    The new rule would also bar lobbying for political purposes by the nation’s largest abortion provider. The group spends tens of millions of dollars each year backing liberal candidates.

    Trump touted his pro-life bona fides during a gala hosted by the Susan B. Anthony List last week.

    “For the first time since Roe v. Wade, America has a pro-life president, a pro-life vice president, a pro-life House and 25 pro-life state capitals,” Trump said in his speech. “I’ve kept my promise to stand for life. When I ran for office, I pledged to stand for life. That’s exactly what I’ve done.””

    “Planned Parenthood is suing the federal government over the rule. “This is the worst attack on women’s health and rights we’ve seen from the Trump-Pence administration,” Planned Parenthood executive vice president Dawn Lagoons”

  3. Anonymous May 24, 2018 at 10:50 am

    Glad someone is calling Jones on his bullshit. Hard to believe there are people out there who believe in the shit he spews. It all started with David Icke. They found out what a moneymaker the conspiracy theories can generate. Jones was even selling merch on his site. End of world merch. Just like Trump who sold those red hates. It’s all about the money. There’s no real beliefs or idealogy, or dream. It’s who can stockpile the most money. I see nothing original in what Trump is doing. Al Capone and the likes have been there done that.
    What’s frightening is, use to be the United States walked a fine line of being the good guys. Now we are thugs like Russia, N. Korea, and China. Now, it’s may the craftiest country win. And us little people, we can all stick our heads between our legs and kiss our asses goodbye in the scheme of things

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