Rolling Stone Magazine publishes testimony from immigrants detailing the removal of their children by ICE.

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A lot to be outraged about here.

Courtesy of Rolling Stone Magazine:

In new court documents – released as part of state litigation against the Trump administration for breaking up these families – the voices of traumatized parents are front and center. In declarations made under penalty of perjury, the parents describe the anguish of having their children snatched away by the U.S. government, as well as sadistic behavior of the immigration officers who seem to mock and berate them.

As described in the testimonials, migrant mistreatment extended beyond separation – including detention facilities so cold they were referred to as “iceboxes,” bleach-tainted drinking water that burned asylum-seekers’ throats and still-frozen food that made them vomit.

Rolling Stone printed some of the testimony from State of Washington, et al., v. Donald Trump.

A little warning, this is pretty hard to read.

Angelica Rebeca Gonzalez-Garcia (Guatemala)

Backstory: The 31-year-old mother fled domestic abuse with her then seven-year-old daughter.

Testimony: “On May 10, 2018, the day after our arrest, Officers came into the room and told me that they intended to take my daughter away from me… Most devastating of all, the Officers said I would never see my daughter again. When the Officers told me this, I felt like collapsing and dying. I cannot express the pain and fear I felt at that point. My daughter was only seven years old and she was much too young to be taken from me.

“When I asked why, the Officers said that I had ‘endangered’ her by bringing her here… During this same conversation one of the officers asked me ‘In Guatemala do they celebrate mother’s day?’ When I answered yes he said, ‘Then Happy Mother’s Day,’ because the next Sunday was Mother’s day. I lowered my head so that my daughter would not see the tears forming in my eyes. That particular act of cruelty astonished me then as it does now. I could not understand why they hated me so much, or wanted to hurt me so much.”

Doris Arriagga-Pineda (Unspecified)

Backstory: Fleeing domestic violence.

Testimony: “On May 20th, I was detained. I requested asylum and they took me to the ‘icebox’ (la hielera), where I spent one day with my daughter… who is 6 years of age. We slept on the floor there, with only the aluminum blanket… On May 22nd, they took me to the court, when I got back, they had taken her away… The officer kept saying that I wasn’t my daughter’s mother… What worries me the most about my daughter is the separation… It is difficult for her to eat. She always cries. The day I called, she couldn’t speak. My life is my daughter.”

Gladys Monroy-Guerra de Tesucum (Guatemala)

Backstory: “I am afraid of returning to my country, because my cousin will kill me and my children. I caught him raping his step-daughter. He is a drug trafficker and he has killed more than 45 people. He told me, in writing with a note on my door, that he is going to dismember me. He has threatened my children as well. We had to flee….The police in my country cannot do anything to protect us.”

Testimony: “When I first spoke with ICE officers, they told us, ‘Why did you come from your country?’, ‘Don’t you know that we hate you, people?’, ‘We don’t want you in our country.’

“We hate you people.” Jesus Christ!

Keep in mind that ICE was only established in 2003, and they have nothing to do with border security. 

They now serve as Donald Trump’s personal Gestapo, and yes they should be disbanded. 

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  1. anonymous July 11, 2018 at 9:25 am

    ” Since the 1950s, 18 states have introduced legislation making it illegal to wear masks at protests. Those laws, which were ironically put in place to combat the KKK, have since been flipped on their head to target leftist protesters.”
    “Speaking with the Daily Beast this week, one New York-based Antifa member claimed the latest “anti-Antifa” bill followed that same pattern, “criminaliz[ing] people fighting fascism” rather than cracking down on violent right-wing extremism or abusive government policies.

    “The point of these laws is always to protect the status quo of inequality and to use the power of the state to enforce compliance to this inequality,””

  2. Anonymous July 11, 2018 at 10:01 am

    First they kidnap their children,charge them 85 cents per minute to call their parents,now the scam continues by charging them for the DNA test in order to get their kids back.

    Leave it to trump to make money from abusing refugees.

    He should be hauled into the Hague on human rights violations.

    • Anon July 11, 2018 at 12:15 pm

      Also come up with the money to buy expensive air fare on short notice to fly their kids back.

  3. Anonymous July 11, 2018 at 11:01 am

    Rolling Stone…. Rolling Stone… Oh yeah, that is this fine publication isn’t it?

    ‘Rolling Stone to Pay $1.65 Million to Fraternity Over Discredited Rape Story’

  4. Anonymous July 13, 2018 at 6:58 pm

    And now the government wants to charge parents for the cost of reuniting them with their children; for the DNA tests and travel expenses. One man says they wanted to charge him $1900. A Mother in Florida said they were asking her for $1500.

    ACLU is fighting it, demanding the government cover all costs for reuniting children with their parents. A judge in San Diego, so ordered the government to pay , but they’re appealing.

    So Trump’s Administration kidnapped children and is extorting money from their parents for their return. Isn’t that exactly what GANGS do to make money? These people came to this country to escape the violence fo gangs and here the government itself kidnaps their children and demands they pay for their return.

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