Republican Congressman from Virginia says he will not seek reelection because he is an alcoholic, not because he treated staff like slaves.

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It was the booze I tell you, the booze!

Courtesy of WaPo:

Rep. Thomas Garrett (R-Va.) announced Monday that he is struggling with alcoholism and will abandon his run for a second term in Congress so he can focus on recovery and his family.

Garrett, a member of the conservative Freedom Caucus, is the 48th Republican to retire or announce they will not seek reelection to the House this year, according to a list maintained by the House Press Gallery.

Garrett, 46, was facing a robust challenge from his Democratic opponent, journalist and author Leslie Cockburn, who had raised more money and had more cash on hand than he had. In recent days, unnamed former staffers had accused him and his wife of mistreating staff who worked in his congressional office.

But in a videotaped statement, Garrett, a former Virginia state senator, said his departure from politics was spurred by his addiction.

“Any person — Republican, Democrat or independent — who has known me for any period of time and has any integrity knows two things: I am a good man and I’m an alcoholic,” Garrett said, fighting back tears. “This is the hardest statement that I have ever publicly made by far. It’s also the truth.”

His announcement caps a week of turmoil in Garrett’s Washington office, marked by the resignation of his chief of staff, Jimmy Keady; an online news report that Garrett was thinking about dropping his reelection bid; and a news conference Thursday in which he insisted he was running.

On Friday, a Politico report quoted four unidentified former staffers who accused Garrett and his wife, Flanna, of ordering staff to walk their dog, carry groceries or perform other personal tasks for the couple — a practice prohibited by House ethics rules.

In an effort to confirm those allegations, The Washington Post spoke to two former staffers, who said the couple would from time to time call upon staffers to handle personal chores.

Of course, these staffers wanted to remain anonymous for fear of retribution. 

Look I come from a long line of dedicated alcoholics, and one thing that I have learned is that booze amplifies your asshole-like tendencies it does not create them. 

So if this guy was treating his staff like his own personal slaves it was NOT because he suffers from the disease called “alcoholism,” it is because he suffers from the disease called “entitled white douchebaggery.” 

According to the article, Garrett’s wife was also treating staff like plantation workers. Was she also an alcoholic? 

There are some very real people in this world desperately struggling with their addictions, and trying to get sober enough to live their lives. 

Using a legitimate illness as an excuse for being an asshole is, well the kind of thing that confirms you are indeed an asshole. 

On the plus side, this is just one more Republican who has seen the blue wave coming and is running to get the hell out of the way.

Looking good for the midterms this year. 

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