Publix suspends all political donations in response to pressure from Parkland students over support for NRA friendly candidate.

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Courtesy of TPM:

Publix, the popular grocery chain whose stores dot the Southeastern United States, announced Friday that it would suspend corporate campaign donations.

The announcement came just before survivors of the February gun massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School led a “die-in” protest at two Publix locations near the school, an attempt to pressure the company to end its financial support for Adam Putnam, an NRA-friendly Republican primary candidate for Florida’s governorship.

“At Publix, we respect the students and members of the community who have chosen to express their voices on these issues,” the company said in a statement Friday. “We regret our contributions have led to a divide in our community. We did not intend to put our associates and the customers they serve in the middle of a political debate. At the same time, we remain committed to maintaining a welcoming shopping environment for our customers.”

“We would never knowingly disappoint our customers or the communities we serve. As a result, we decided earlier this week to suspend corporate-funded political contributions as we re-evaluate our giving processes.”

The Tampa Bay Times reported earlier this month that Publix — together with the individual donations of its founder’s heirs and those of the company’s current and former leadership — had “given more money to Adam Putnam’s gubernatorial bid than any other candidate since at least 1995 and likely for the entirety of the company’s history.”

It was that which is reported above that triggered this response from David Hogg and the Parkland activists, and lo and behold yet another huge company succumbs to the power of their anti-gun violence messaging. 

Much like the #MeToo movement, it seems that these young people are all but unstoppable at this point. 

All I know is that I really enjoy watching the NRA losing more and more of its influence on a day to day basis. 

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  1. anonymous May 27, 2018 at 6:26 am

    ” an estimated US$50 million since 2005 from the Charles Koch Foundation and other foundations tied to the billionaire industrialist and his brother, David.”
    “The activist group wants to learn, among other things, which anonymous donor ponied up $20 million alongside the Koch Foundation’s $10 million to rename George Mason’s law school after the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.”

    The university did share some of the Koch agreements with the media, but not until after it was sued.

    Activists and journalists have long monitored Koch higher education donations because of the scope and breadth of their giving, which totaled about $150 million between 2005 and 2015, according to media reports. Still, the concern should extend beyond the Kochs to cover transparency for all gift agreements of whatever political hue.”

  2. Anonymous May 27, 2018 at 6:35 am

    “Clinton has just published her third children’s book”
    ” The purpose of She Persisted, Clinton explains, is to show girls – and boys – what women through history have achieved. She cites research by the Geena Davis Institute, which found that more than 80% of the most popular children’s cartoons have male protagonists, whereas female characters are defined by their relationship to the male protagonist. “Even when the characters are animals, they’re someone’s sister or they’re someone’s mother, or they’re someone’s partner or friend. So from the earliest ages we tell our children that boys are more significant.” She quotes the astronaut Sally Ride, who memorably observed, “You can’t be what you can’t see”, and goes on, “It’s so often the case that our stories are centred around men, told by men, the heroes are men – and so I think it’s hugely important that we make women more visible in the stories in our history that have always existed, but also to imagine and create more female-centred stories moving forward.””

    “Chelsea Clinton introduces tiny feminists, mini activists and little kids who are ready to take on the world to thirteen inspirational women who never took no for an answer, and who always, inevitably and without fail, persisted.”

    “Beard opens Women and Power by acknowledging the huge advances for women in the west over the last 100 years (her mother was born before women had the vote). But, in view of what follows, this feels a bit like a concession. Her argument is one of continuity. When Telemachus tells Penelope to shut up, or Philomena has her tongue ripped out so she cannot speak of her rape, they are the templates for the active, loaded silencing of women today in public life.”

  3. anonymous May 27, 2018 at 7:35 am

    “Scott Pruitt Twice Introduced Anti-Abortion Bills Giving Men ‘Property Rights’ Over Fetuses”

    “The legislation would have barred doctors from performing abortions without signed statements of permission from the father, or evidence that the man could not be located “after diligent effort.” If the pregnancy resulted from rape, the woman would be required to show “such assault has been reported to a law enforcement agency having the requisite jurisdiction.”

    Doctors who performed the procedure without that documentation would have risked losing their medical licenses, been “civilly liable to the father of the aborted child for any damages caused thereby,” and had to pay punitive fines of $5,000.

    In a statement to The Associated Press in 1999, Pruitt said a pregnant woman who were to obtain an abortion without meeting the bill’s criteria would face legal consequences. “She’ll be held accountable for it,””
    ” he introduced an amendment to define a “fetus” as “any individual human organism from fertilization until birth.” ”
    ““He doesn’t agree with the court’s not viewing women as property and also doesn’t believe in the intellectual concept that women should have agency over their own reproductive choices,” ”
    ““He carries that lack of concern for the greater good throughout all of the things he’s done in his career,” referring to his rollback of environmental safeguards.”
    “Until 2017, Pruitt served on the board of trustees at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, an institution that has said “a wife is to submit herself graciously” to her husband.”

  4. anonymous May 27, 2018 at 7:50 am

    THIS ‘excuse’>”‘young and beautiful lives’ destroyed by Russia”

    ‘Who’s going to give back the young and beautiful lives (and others) that have been devastated and destroyed by the phony Russia Collusion Witch Hunt? They journeyed down to Washington, D.C., with stars in their eyes and wanting to help our nation…They went back home in tatters!
    4:41 AM – May 27, 2018’

    Sat.”“This whole Russia Probe is Rigged. Just an excuse as to why the Dems and CrOOked Hillary lost the Election and States that haven’t been lost in decades,”
    “13 Angry Democrats, and all Dems if you include the people who worked for Obama for 8 years. #SPYGATE & CONFLICTS OF INTEREST!””

  5. anonymous May 27, 2018 at 8:05 am

    “he argued that a military draft would solve the problem because it is not controlled by the teachers’ union.

    “Public school used to be the most American thing about America,” Buckley complained. “And you’d get out of public school learning some pretty good values. And now, the teaching core has completely abandoned that mission. Where you would find it would be in the military. So, I’m saying one extra year — up to now it’s age 16 — add another year.”” “The teacher core would be opposed to that because it would teach love of America, it would teach personal responsibility, all the things they hate. So, yeah, all the more reason why we should do it. The only people I feel sorry for in all of this would be the draft instructors.””

    Civil Service ‘DUTY’ required between ages 18&21 with a multitude of options available.
    (Peace Corp)

    • anonymous May 27, 2018 at 8:24 am

      So G?
      Did you see how the ‘Indy’ started & has been so far… a Stealth included…

  6. Paul May 27, 2018 at 8:38 am

    I am so impressed by these Parkland student activists. Their commitment is one of the few bright spots in this otherwise dreary political landscape.

  7. Hogg For President May 27, 2018 at 9:14 am

    HOGG 2036

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