Paul Manafort falsified his tax returns because he could not pay the actual amount owed.

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Tax fraud, that’s how they got Capone. 

Courtesy of Bloomberg:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecutors are walking the jury in the trial of Paul Manafort through records to back their claim that the former Trump campaign chairman deceived his own financial advisers to hide his foreign accounts and income from U.S. tax authorities.

Manafort’s accounting firm agreed to falsify his tax returns because he couldn’t afford his tax bill, according to a witness who testified with a grant of immunity because she feared prosecution.

Cindy Laporta told jurors that Manafort’s right-hand man, Rick Gates, proposed altering the amount of a loan listed on their company’s books in September 2015 so that Manafort would pay less in taxes. Gates said that Manafort needed the change because he couldn’t afford to pay the amount he owed, Laporta said.

“He was trying to reduce income and therefore taxes,” Laporta told jurors in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia. “It was inappropriate.”

Laporta, who works at Kositzka Wicks & Co. in Alexandria, said she and another employee at the firm agreed to make the change.

“It resulted in a tax amount that Rick said could be paid,’’ Laporta testified.

I have no doubt that the Mueller team has adequate evidence to make this allegation stick, which means that Manafort is well and truly fucked. 

He is definitely going to regret not taking that plea deal and flipping on Trump. 

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  1. Anonymous August 4, 2018 at 7:24 am

    Well isn’t that special, with all his money he couldn’t afford to pay his taxes, more like he didn’t want to pay his taxes.

    • CFR August 4, 2018 at 3:50 pm

      Because he can’t explain where his money came from.

  2. Anonymous August 4, 2018 at 7:59 am

    Yep, with little donnie it is always about MONEY
    Trump’s Freakout About Manafort is About his Taxes Not Russia.

    We all have been reading Trump is freaking out about the Manafort trial. Its not because of Russia,its his finances . Trump has come to the realization that Manafort does business in the exact same way he has been doing business for decades, money laundering, , foreign accounts, fake charity payments, tax evasion, no FACTA reports to the IRS, bank fraud, to name a few. In Trump world , all standard operating procedure.

    The recent subpoena of Trump finance officer Allen Weisselberg ( CFO) to testify before a Federal grand jury in connection with the Michael Cohen case, has Trump pulling his orange hair out. He now realizes Mueller has all his tax returns and has had them from day 1 .He’s seeing the parade of those closest to Manafort testify against him and envisioning everyone he knows doing the same to him, Weisselberg, Melania, Don JR, Eric, Russian mafia connections from New York ,everyone. 30 years of connections and bad business deals.

    Mueller has put him in a box . Mueller is a marine and knows something about strategic tactics, Trump not so much. The offer to interview Trump will not only prevent Trump from firing him and Rosenstein for the immediate period, but calls Trumps bluff ( on testifying) making Trump look both absurd and weak . If Trump fires Mueller now , even his base will have to wonder what he’s hiding . ( that says a lot ) Mueller may be biding time to complete his reports by labor day. Mueller is playing with Trump and making him look the fool that he is. Mueller’s team doesnt leak, but that it doesnt mean Mueller doesnt send messages. This is one with a bullhorn.

    Trump and his lawyer ( Emmet Flood) according to reports, are really not that afraid about the conspiracy charges with Russia. ( dont bet on that ) Rest assured Trump knows of all the financial crimes he committed for the last 20 years ( and yes it worse than you could ever imagine ) . Trump realizing Manafort is on trial for financial crimes going back over 12 years is the root cause for Trumps immediate insanity .

  3. Anonymous August 4, 2018 at 3:37 pm

    And does anyone not believe the Russians didn’t know Manafort’s predicament?

  4. Anonymous August 5, 2018 at 2:18 am

    “Inappropriate?” I think the word she’s looking for is illegal.

    Yep, they’ll get him on tax fraud.

    And they’ll get Trump on perjury just for starters.

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