Parkland parents start PAC to battle NRA.

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This will certainly get the NRA’s attention. 

Courtesy of The Sun Sentinel:

Parkland parents have created a political action committee directed against politicians who are funded by the National Rifle Association.

The group, which begins taking donations Wednesday, will use its money to try to oust political candidates who both oppose its efforts to amend the laws that permit semi-automatic rifles, or who receive campaign donations from the NRA — or both.

State records show Families vs Assault Rifles PAC Inc. was registered as a nonprofit on May 18 by Jeff Kasky, the father of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High student activist Cameron Kasky, who is a founder of March for Our Lives.

Jeff Kasky said the politicians “who refuse to listen to their constituents and instead, in exchange for cash, do the NRA’s bidding” will be its target.

“We are going to go up against NRA candidates in every meaningful race in the country,” Kasky told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. He said financial backers have pledged to donate “multiples” of the donations the group receives.

I guess we should prepare ourselves for more whining by the NRA about how their rights are being oppressed and they are the victim of a smear campaign. 

Of course, there is already another well known PAC also fighting the NRA on their own turf.

That one is the Giffords PAC, named after former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords who was shot in the head back in 2011. 

Poor NRA, it appears that the forces for more comprehensive gun control are ever increasing. 

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    Gilboa has since fixed this compliance issue by installing two triggers. Shooters can still fire two rounds off at once, but they have to pull both triggers to do so.”

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