Omarosa claims that Trump campaign offered to pay $15,000 a month for her silence, and oh Donald Trump is a racist, and it’s on tape.

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Paid by the Trump campaign, how does that work?

Courtesy of WaPo:

Omarosa Manigault Newman was offered a $15,000-a-month contract from President Trump’s campaign to stay silent after being fired from her job as a White House aide by Chief of Staff John F. Kelly last December, according to a forthcoming book by Manigault Newman and people familiar with the proposal.

But she refused, according to the incendiary new book, “Unhinged: An Insider Account of the Trump White House,” which also depicts Trump as unqualified, narcissistic and racist. Excerpts of the book were obtained by The Washington Post.

After she was fired, Manigault Newman wrote, she received a call from Trump campaign adviser Lara Trump, the president’s daughter-in-law, offering her a job and the monthly contract in exchange for her silence.

The proposed nondisclosure agreement allegedly said Manigault Newman could not make any comments about President Trump or his family; Vice President Pence or his family; or any comments that could damage the president. It said she would do “diversity outreach,” among other things, for the campaign, according to her account.

“The NDA attached to the email was as harsh and restrictive as any I’d seen in all my years of television,” Manigault Newman writes in the book.

Some people are suggesting that Omarosa might not be a paragon of truthfulness, and in fact, Sarah Huckabee Sanders has come out and said just that, however, this payout for silence is definitely out of the Donald Trump playbook. 

Omarosa also seemed to confirm a thing that Tom Arnold has said and that was that tapes exist of Trump saying the “N” word and other racist things:

For months while in the White House, Manigault Newman said she spent time searching for a rumored tape of Trump saying the n-word on tape as host of “The Apprentice.” She writes in the book that such a tape exists but does not provide evidence. Manigault Newman also says that other aides in the White House kept tabs on rumors of the tape.

“By that point, three sources in three separate conversations had described the contents of this tape,” she writes. “They all told me that President Trump hadn’t just dropped a single n-word bomb. He’d said it multiple times throughout the show’s taping during off-camera outtakes, particularly during the first season of the Apprentice.”

I am actually fairly convinced that these Apprentice tapes exist, though the fact that Omarosa only has second-hand information about them does not offer anything that could be labeled new “evidence.”

Omarosa, however, does offer one odd anecdote that almost seems too weird to not be true:

In early 2017, Manigault Newman says she walked Michael Cohen, then Trump’s personal lawyer, into the Oval Office for a meeting with Trump — and saw the president chewing up a piece of paper while Cohen was leaving the office. Another White House official confirmed that Manigault Newman brought Cohen into the White House and was later rebuked for it. The two remain in contact, according to people familiar with the relationship.

“I saw him put a note in his mouth. Since Trump was ever the germaphobe, I was shocked he appeared to be chewing and swallowing the paper. It must have been something very, very sensitive,” she writes in her book.

You may remember that there was a news story that Trump often ripped up his notes so that they were almost impossible for archivists to preserve, so it really would not surprise me that much if Trump occasionally chewed and swallowed a particularly scandalous bit of evidence. 

If I had to guess I would think it was a piece of paper with a warning from Putin that if he did not straighten up that the pee pee tape would be shared all across cable news before the end of the day.

Update: As it turns out this $15,000 amount seems to be the going rate for Trump people to keep their big mouths shut. 

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  1. Whatevs August 10, 2018 at 4:08 pm

    Well the new offer to Hope Hicks seems to support Omarosa’s claim. Witness tampering, indeed,

  2. Anonymous August 10, 2018 at 4:08 pm

    Omarosa is definitely an unreliable resource. I’ll believe it when I hear the tape. But you know who is more unreliable? The idiot who hired her. Trump is getting what he deserves with her blabbing everywhere. He knew damn well she was a troublemaker, just like him.

    • Gryphen August 10, 2018 at 4:18 pm


      It is a question of which liar is most likely to lie, and in most cases, Trump is the all-time champion when it comes to lying.

    • Anonymous August 10, 2018 at 6:01 pm

      But.but,but trump only hires the best.

      I want to see if they have Omarosa back on the View to promote her book after her last appearance when she got really nasty with Joy about bowing down to trump.

      In fact,i would love for a journalist to ask her if she still thinks all trump “haters” ie anyone that disagees with him, have to bow down or else?

      • Anonymous August 10, 2018 at 11:04 pm

        seems like a good place to drop this…

        “In ‘Unhinged,’ available to the public next Tuesday, Omarosa promotes unproven reports that outtake-tapes exist of the then-future president using the n-word ‘several times’ on the set of ‘The Apprentice.’

        She writes that three people had told her they were aware of the existence of the recording.

        But on Friday afternoon she told NPR that she herself heard the racial slur on tape, and challenged a reporter who challenged her on the discrepancy to read her words more closely.”

  3. Anonymous August 10, 2018 at 4:25 pm

    Donald Trump tips off that a major bombshell is about to land

    …Whenever Donald Trump has learned that a particularly ugly expose about one of his criminal scandals is about to be published, he hops on Twitter and tries to start a feud with one or more black public figures. This makes him look terrible in the eyes of normal Americans, and it makes him look good in the eyes of his racist base, but the larger point is that it changes the discussion and gets the public and the media discussing his racism instead of his scandal.

    …Trump is throwing everything at the wall that he can in rapid succession, and he only does this when he believes a major bombshell is about to land. Stay tuned.

    • Anonymous August 10, 2018 at 5:50 pm

      What would happen if people stopped taking the bait and didn’t respond to his tweets.

      He enjoys stirring the pot,ignoring him would drive him nuts.

      • viv August 10, 2018 at 7:54 pm

        The media worked so hard getting him into office and have never been held accountable for it and I’m certain they’ll do it again in 2020.

      • Anonymous August 11, 2018 at 12:23 pm

        What would happen if people actually realized Bil Palmer is not a journalist, but a nobody blogger that repeats the nonsense he has contrived from other nonsense Trump hate blogs?

  4. Anonymous August 10, 2018 at 4:32 pm

    The Most Blissfully Trump-Twitter-Free Place in America
    Welcome to the money-laundering trial of Paul Manafort, where facts still matter.

    The Lesson of Omarosa’s New Trump Book

  5. anon August 10, 2018 at 4:33 pm

    anyone seen Track?

    Duhkotex’s house broken into. Soounds Palinesque.

    • anon August 10, 2018 at 4:57 pm

      Sounds like it was Shawn Christy…why do we know this name?.

      • Anonymous August 11, 2018 at 8:51 am

        Shawn is the one who stalked Sarah, Bristol, and Willow

  6. Anonymous August 10, 2018 at 5:17 pm

    North Carolina GOP tries to change constitution so they can win elections

    North Carolina Republicans are doing everything they can to steal power from Democrats in their state.

    …North Carolina Republicans in the state legislature are stepping up their efforts to suppress the vote and further strip Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper of his power as part of a larger push to help their chances in the midterm elections.

    In late July, the state legislature voted along party lines to add constitutional amendments to the November ballot that Republicans claim would protect voters.

    One of the constitutional amendments on the November ballot would require voter ID at the polls, which would disproportionately impact voters more likely to vote Democrat in future elections.

    Two additional amendments would strip Cooper of his power to appoint judges and other state officials; the amendments would give that power to the state legislature.

    GOP lawmakers also wrote the ballot descriptions for the amendments to make them seem more appealing to voters — especially Republican voters.

    The GOP doesn’t usually have the power to write ballot descriptions for amendments — that job falls to a state commission of three people. But the GOP argued that the three-person commission, made up of two Democrats and one Republican, was under pressure to write “politicized captions.”

    So, in an unprecedented move, GOP lawmakers created a law to strip the commission of its power so they could write the captions themselves in a special session.

    Trump’s trade war threatens to put newspapers out of business

    Skyrocketing newsprint costs are prompting layoffs and may force small town newspapers to shut down.

    Trump’s illogical trade war continues to spread misery into various sectors of the U.S. economy. It turns out it’s not just U.S. manufacturers, consumers, and farmers who are paying a high price for Trump’s needless tariffs — newspaper publishers are too.

    Newspapers are now facing skyrocketing costs associated with newsprint purchased from Canadian suppliers, thanks to the unprecedented tariffs put in place by the Trump administration.

    The huge — and unexpected — 20 percent increase in newsprint cost is hitting an industry that’s already teetering.

  7. Anonymous August 10, 2018 at 5:45 pm

    Melania Trump’s immigration lawyer brutally fact-checks Donald Trump’s lies about chain migration

    …Michael Wildes, the immigration lawyer who worked to get Melania Trump and her parents into the country, said Trump’s claims were inaccurate.

    “Let me take off one hat as the First Lady’s immigration lawyer and her family and put on my own personal hat,” Wildes said. “It’s unconscionable to scare people. You cannot bring uncles. You can’t bring 32 people.”

    This program is a wonderful thing, Wildes said.

    “This whole notion of chain migration is a beautiful notion called family reunification,” he said. “Imagine that. People will work harder and love more and do more for America knowing that their loved ones, their immediate relatives, their parents, their children are here. But chain migration, no it’s called family reunification.”

    Watch the video below via CNN.

  8. Anonymous August 10, 2018 at 5:46 pm

    Tens of thousands of transgender Americans may be barred from voting in the midterms — and it may keep Congress red

    According to a new study, as many as 78,000 transgender Americans may have difficulty voting in the 2018 midterm elections due to strict voter ID laws that require photo identification cards where one’s name and gender marker match their presentation.

    Washington, D.C.’s Metro Weekly reported that the study was conducted by the Williams Institute, an LGBT think tank run by the University of California-Los Angeles law school.

    Researchers at Williams estimated that there are 137,000 transgender people living in Indiana, Wisconsin, Kansas, Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia — states where “poll workers require voters to provide a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license, U.S. passport, or military ID, in order to cast a ballot.”

    Of those 137,000 people in those eight states, 57 percent or 78,000 people do not have updated identification that accurately represents their gender identity. In many cases, acquiring updated IDs is difficult for people during gender transition.

    “Transgender people who have transitioned often face substantial challenges to obtaining accurate identification,” Jody Herman, lead author of the study and public policy scholar at Williams, said. “Requirements for updating the name and gender on official IDs that could be used for voting vary widely by state and federal agency, and the process can be difficult and expensive.”

    In Alabama, Metro‘s report continued, 70 percent of transgender people lack updated IDs because the state requires people to “obtain both a court order and provide proof that they have undergone gender confirmation surgery in order to change the gender markers” before they can be issued a new photo ID card.

    A number of competitive Congressional seats are up for grabs in those eight states, the report noted, and “turning away transgender people from the polls could impact crucial races this fall.” Both Senate seats are up for re-election in Indiana, Wisconsin, Virginia, Tennessee and Mississippi, and Wisconsin, Virginia, Kansas and Georgia all have competitive House races as well.

  9. Anonymous August 10, 2018 at 5:57 pm

    GOP Operative Made “Suspicious” Cash Withdrawals During Pursuit Of Clinton Emails
    Peter W. Smith withdrew $4,900 in cash the day after he finalized a plan to work with “dark web” hackers.

    …The money trail, made public here for the first time, sheds new light on Smith’s effort, in which he told people he was in touch with both Russians on the dark web and Trump campaign officials — particularly Michael Flynn, who was then a top adviser to the Trump campaign and later served as national security adviser before having to resign after misleading White House officials about his meetings with the Russian ambassador to the United States.

    Intelligence agencies have given the FBI information that Russian hackers talked about passing Clinton’s emails to Flynn through a cutout, according to two law enforcement officials with direct knowledge of the matter. It is not known if that cutout was in any way connected to Smith.

    The Wall Street Journal, which spoke with Smith about 10 days before he killed himself last year, broke the story about his operation to obtain Clinton’s emails and his alleged connections to Flynn. Smith’s obsession with the Clintons dates back at least to the 1990s, when he spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to expose Bill Clinton’s extramarital affairs. His attempt to procure Hillary Clinton’s emails apparently began in the summer of 2016, around the time Trump secured the Republican nomination.

    …Smith, in his only press interview before he died, told the Journal that he and his team found five groups of hackers who claimed to have Clinton’s emails, including two groups he said were Russians.

    Smith also told the newspaper that he never intended to pay for emails obtained by hackers — a contention the person with direct knowledge of Smith’s plan disputed, saying Smith did pay for what he was told were Clinton’s emails. This source also said that Smith purposely omitted any mention of paying hackers from his written plan for the operation.

    Smith’s quest to find Clinton’s emails appears to have fizzled. He never released any of the email samples he reportedly received, because he could not verify them. About 10 days after being interviewed by the Journal, Smith went to a Minnesota hotel room and killed himself.

  10. Anonymous August 10, 2018 at 6:01 pm

    Twitter Suspended Proud Boys And Founder Gavin McInnes Accounts Ahead Of Unite The Right Rally
    The company shut down several accounts associated with the far-right group on Friday for violating its terms of service on inciting violence.

    …The company suspended the group’s main account @ProudBoysUSA, as well as that of its founder Gavin McInnes, for violating its policy on “violent extremist groups.” The company also took down several regional accounts associated with the organization.

    “We can confirm that these accounts have been suspended from Twitter and Periscope for violating our policy prohibiting violent extremist groups,” a company spokesperson said in a statement to BuzzFeed News.

    Among the accounts suspended by Twitter on Friday were regional Proud Boys groups such as @ProudBoysOhio, @ProudBoysCA @Proud_Boys_IL, @ProudBoysVT, @ProudBoysNH @ProudBoysOR, and @ProudBoysNeb. Others included @ProudBoys1776, @proudboysgirls @proudboysunite, and @ProudboysCanada, as well as two accounts, @proudboysFOAK and @FOAKUSA, which are associated with the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights, a paramilitary training group within the Proud Boys.

  11. Anonymous August 10, 2018 at 6:12 pm

    Russian Trolls Swarmed The Charlottesville March — Then Twitter Cracked Down
    Russian accounts blamed the violence on Antifa and backed Trump all the way. Then most of them abruptly went silent — presumably banned by Twitter.

    We didn’t know it then, but August 2017 was the peak time for pro-Trump Russian Twitter trolls linked to the shadowy Internet Research Agency in St. Petersburg.

    They were already busy before white supremacists gathered a year ago in Charlottesville, Virginia, for the Unite the Right rally. But after the event erupted into conflict, culminating in the death of counterprotester Heather Heyer on Aug. 12, the trolls fanned the flames, blaming the violence on Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

    Over the next week, Russia’s Twitter trolls continued with that line, backing Donald Trump through the storm that followed his condemnation of violence “on many sides,” and later rallying in support of Confederate statues.

    Then, on Aug. 18, many of these trolls suddenly went silent. Twitter won’t confirm that it pulled the plug on them that day. But the handles that stopped tweeting on Aug. 18 were all on a list of banned accounts linked to the Internet Research Agency that the company provided to the House Intelligence Committee in November 2017.

  12. Anonymous August 10, 2018 at 6:32 pm

    The Donald Trump Super PAC Machine Has Sean Spicer, Kimberly Guilfoyle, And A Vague Plan For The Midterms

    Trump has an unprecedented political organization with millions of dollars on hand to back his every move. The only problem: It’s not yet clear what the organization actually has planned beyond serving as a home for some of Trump’s loyalists.

    …“It is a lifestyle PAC to help enrich a bunch of consultants,” said one Republican strategist, who requested anonymity to speak candidly. “It is a PAC to throw parties, to drink, and to raise a lot of money. Every month you read about a new consultant — Sean Spicer, Don Jr.’s girlfriend. Everyone’s on payroll.”

  13. puck August 10, 2018 at 9:50 pm

    the “good” donald trump?? is she nuts or really stupid??? i’m spending a week in London telling people that most of us voted for Hillary. they’ll let me back -i’m blond and blue eyed.

  14. Anonymous August 11, 2018 at 4:12 am

    $15k a month from a self called billionaire is chump change. The man has very little liquidity. I’d predict less than $20 million

  15. anon August 11, 2018 at 7:16 am

    “Pathological lying. … Pathological lying (also called pseudologia fantastica and mythomania) is a behavior of habitual or compulsive lying. It was first described in the medical literature in 1891 by Anton Delbrueck.”

    tinydjt tweet>’Peace to ALL Americans!
    5:26 AM – Aug 11, 2018′

    ‘I am proud to have fought for and secured the LOWEST African American and Hispanic unemployment rates in history. Now I’m pushing for prison reform to give people who have paid their debt to society a second chance. I will never stop fighting for ALL Americans!
    5:41 AM – Aug 11, 2018’

  16. Anon August 11, 2018 at 7:41 am

    So is the Peepond really dead?

  17. $BM August 11, 2018 at 8:07 am

    “she said there was a lot of sex going on in the White House and smiled when Trump aide Hope Hicks was mentioned.”

    Hope dom·i·na·Hitrix!

    • Anonymous August 11, 2018 at 8:38 am

      It sounded like Hope was “dating” Cory and that other guy that got fired ( forgot his name, but I seem to recall he was married at the time).

  18. Anonymous August 11, 2018 at 10:53 am

    Just listen to how hard she stumped for Trump. Now she’s bomblasting him? WTF? This bitch needs to put the shut to the up. All those that landed that asshole in the white house needs to shut up. Our country has been in peril since he won on that fateful night and we need him out. To listen to these assholes who are now crying wolf is counterproductive. We knew from the get go that Trump was a bad candidate for the presidency. We knew before we knew that he was Don the Con. Now, Omarosa, since you stumped like a sonofabitch for him, you don’t get your day to cry about supporting this sorry excuse for a human being. Go away.

  19. anon August 12, 2018 at 7:17 am

    Trump and his swearing in. {FUCKtheUSa}
    Talking about sex {with his daughter} in front of daughter Ivanka.
    Trump freaked out when the Apprentice lost an Emmy to “The Great Race.” {RIGHT}’‘We were robbed! They cheated us!’’ {Beat ya!}
    Trump and staffers were ecstatic when presidential opponent Hillary Clinton fell ill during the campaign. {$yphilis}
    Trump called his eldest son, Donald Trumpo Jr. a “f*ck-up.” {Diaperdonny}

    ““I think it’s important to understand that if we make this a friendly departure, you can look at your time here in the White House as a year of service to the nation.””

  20. anonymous August 12, 2018 at 8:28 am

    “CONcedes Complicity In White House Deceit
    “When he talks that way, the way he did on this tape, it confirmed that he is truly a racist,” “

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