Miss America gets makeover.

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Courtesy of Time:

Miss America will no longer make contestants parade on stage in swimsuits and will stop referring to itself as a pageant – an effort to move the 97-year-old event forward in the #MeToo era after its upper ranks were rocked by scandal.

Gretchen Carlson, the new chair of the board of trustees for the Miss American Organization, announced the changes on ABC’s Good Morning America Tuesday morning as part of the competition’s attempt to shift its emphasis away from comparing women’s looks and bodies.

“We will no longer judge our candidates on their outward physical appearance,” Carlson, who was crowned Miss America in 1989, said. “That’s huge.”

You know even when I was a horny teenager I still thought the swimsuit competition was demeaning and unnecessary. 

I have not watched one of these things for decades, and I don’t see that changing. 

However, this is progress and that should always be celebrated. 

Kind of interesting that one of the former Fox News bimbettes is leading the charge on this reformation. Don’t you think? 

I guess being sexually harassed by Roger Ailes will do that to you. 

I also hear that they did away with the part where Donald Trump walks in while the women are changing so that he can ogle them. 

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  1. Anonymous June 6, 2018 at 4:36 am

    Get rid of them all together! After the 1983 handling of Vanessa Williams, now we have the third lady and no one says a word?

  2. Anonymous June 6, 2018 at 4:45 am

    They will still be judging them on their bodies,are they going to have contestants over size 0 ?

  3. anonymous June 6, 2018 at 6:34 am

    you go girl>
    ” “I will use law as a sword,not just a shield,” ” “The beating heart of Trump’s corruption is right here in our state. It is through the Trump Organization, headquartered here in New York, that he has turned the presidency into his personal ATM — engaging in highly suspect business deals aimed at funneling money from foreign governments into his own pockets.”
    ” The president openly disrespects the law” and “I will not be cowed by presidential pardons or efforts to get out of the law”
    “New York has strong laws against bank fraud, tax fraud, false statements, obstruction of governmental administration, larceny, money laundering, and bribery,” “The people of New York should know that when I am your Attorney General, we will not wait to investigate: we will aggressively investigate violations of these laws and others, digging into every file cabinet, finding every report tacked to the back of a real estate filing, and be always ready to use our full criminal and civil powers to protect the rule of law for the people of New York.” “There’s reason to believe that there would be, for many of his associates, a lot of separate New York crimes,” she continued. “New York has very extensive, powerful bank fraud laws, money laundering laws, bribery and larceny laws.””


  4. Anonymous June 6, 2018 at 6:45 am

    OT? Point A>
    “That’s hard to do for Clinton or Rose who see themselves as victims, not perpetrators, that what they did doesn’t amount to a whole hill of beans in this crazy world. No one died, after all. Besides, they are proponents of women, hiring binders full of them and helping many, including those they didn’t press for sex. Where’s the thanks for that? They’re both bitter about a double standard. Why, oh why, are they treated so harshly when our current president is so much worse?.”
    “No matter what Trump does–pay for an abortion for a porn star (on Fifth Avenue perhaps), the president of the Susan B. Anthony fund said her members would stick with him.”
    “These two men seek forgiveness and acceptance in all the wrong places, among the swells of Sun Valley, by climbing the bestseller list on Amazon”


  5. Anonymous June 6, 2018 at 7:26 am


    “Rudy Giuliani reduced abortions in New York City (though, um, not really) because he cut crime, which is one of “the spiritual causes of abortion.””
    or” if one’s business is excusing the perfidy and criminality of today’s speculators and swindlers, it is helpful to make heroes of the speculators and swindlers who are their models.

    Sputnik bankrupted the Soviet Union.

    This one comes from the top of the conservative food chain: Sarah Palin. In her Fox News rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union, Palin said that the Russians’ “victory in that race to space… incurred so much debt at the time that it resulted in the inevitable collapse of the Soviet Union.” Palin’s charisma is so overweening that her bizarre POV is yet defended — in some cases, on the grounds that her “larger and more important point about history” was misunderstood (which then mutated into “Palin was right” “The left will have puppies because of it.” conservatives aren’t just against abortion — they’re against anyone who offers women any alternative to childbearing whatsoever. By portraying America’s First Lady of Contraception as an enemy of freedom, they may hope to mask their their own authoritarian ambitions.
    ” Lori Zingano at RedState, “Democrats are actively seeking to figuratively repeal the amendment” — that is, by promoting “the myth of a wage gap” between men and women and disapproving of Sarah Palin. Thus, she said, Democrats “are striving for a form of reverse-suffrage, wherein every woman must walk in lockstep with their ideology, or you are not a ‘real’ woman.””

    “Women were better off before they got the vote. . The notion does not seem to be based on the premise that women don’t deserve the vote, mind you, but that it is extraneous to their real interest, which is to live in a pre-feminist society.”

  6. Anonymous June 6, 2018 at 7:35 am



    “. “Your ratings are way down because — I know I hit a nerve there, John, but let’s be fair — you like to say ‘lie’ and ‘the president’ and ‘Sarah [Huckabee Sanders]’ in the same sentence. Excuse me, this is not benefiting you. You’re not getting new viewers who want to hear this junk and this funk.””Conway then pivoted from that to attacking former Democratic rival Hillary Clinton — which seemed to flabbergast Berman.

    “I didn’t ask about Hillary Clinton!” “

  7. anonymous June 6, 2018 at 8:44 am



    “A personal and empowering blueprint―from one of America’s rising Democratic Stars” “knowing your own passion is the key to success”
    “capable of world-affecting change requires confidence, insight, and sheer bravado.”
    “written with the awareness of the experiences and challenges that hinder anyone who exists beyond the structure of traditional white male power―women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and millennials ready to make a difference.”

    Read & Watch & Learn

  8. anonymous June 6, 2018 at 9:27 am

    “UPS has no tolerance for hate, bigotry or prejudice,” the UPS statement read. “The company embraces diversity and inclusion as one of its core values. The comments Ms. Carder shared in response to WSB-TV’s story do not reflect UPS’s values or culture.”


  9. anonymous June 6, 2018 at 9:00 pm

    Make the male announcers wear a speedo and stand behind a clear podium while commenting and judging the bikinis!


    • Charlotte June 7, 2018 at 3:25 am

      Yes, excellent idea!

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