LA County Sheriff’s Department seizes more than 500 illegally obtained guns from one home.

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Remember only 3% of the population owns 50% of all guns in this country.

Courtesy of the LA Times:

A search of a felon’s home in Agua Dulce led Los Angeles County sheriff’s investigators to a stash of more than 500 firearms, marking one of the largest seizures from a person forbidden by law from possessing guns.

Investigators raided the home of Manuel Fernandez after getting a tip that he had an arsenal of firearms. After entering the property early Thursday, they found a staggering number of weapons, including rifles, shotguns, and handguns, some decades old.

Fernandez, 60, was arrested after the raid, during which investigators found 432 guns. A search the next day uncovered 91 firearms concealed in the house. Investigators also seized electronics used to purchase the weapons.

I believe in technical terms this is known as a fuck load of guns. 

Now typically gun nuts will say that this is exactly why citizens need to legally buy guns to protect themselves. 

However what they rarely seem to understand is that the gun the bad guy got illegally was likely stolen from the home of a supposed good guy who purchased theirs properly. 

In Alaska at least the two main reasons for a home invasion or a burglary are to steal drugs or guns. 

Nothing easier to sell on the street than drugs or guns. 

In short, the very arsenal that some of these yahoos compile is the very thing that brings them to the attention of the criminal element. 

And then yes, those self-same guns are then used to commit even more crimes. 

But the math says that fewer legal guns in our homes translate to fewer illegal guns on the streets. 

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