French President calls Trump “incoherent” pledges to stand by G7 statement that Trump disowned.

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This was right before Macron damn near crushed Trump’s hand

Courtesy of Politico:

France pledged on Sunday to stand by the G7 summit statement disowned by Donald Trump and took a swipe at the U.S. president by declaring that international cooperation could not depend on “fits of anger” or “little words.”

Apparently incensed by remarks about U.S. tariffs at the closing press conference on Saturday by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Trump — who had already left the gathering in Quebec — tweeted that he had instructed U.S. officials not to endorse the final communiqué, which had already been agreed and published.

In a statement on Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron’s office said all of Europe would continue to stand behind the communiqué, which included a commitment by the seven leading industrialized democracies to a “rules-based international trading system” and a pledge to “continue to fight protectionism.”

“We spent two days to obtain a text and commitments. We will stand by them and anyone who would depart from them, once their back was turned, shows their incoherence and inconsistency,” said the statement, quoted by Le Monde, which did not mention Trump by name but was clearly referring to his actions.

“International cooperation cannot depend on fits of anger or little words. Let us be serious and worthy of our people,” the statement said.

Sorry France, this president cannot be “serious and worthy” of his people. 

Hopefully, his replacement will be. 

You know in fifteen years of covering politics, I do not think I have EVER seen a shit show quite like this. 

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  1. Anonymous June 11, 2018 at 6:17 am

    Such a deal maker, the moron in chief thought they would all cave in to his childish behavior. sorry trump you are playing with the big boys now and they don’t have time for little boy tantrums.

    the next president, one not elected by putin, is going to have his/her hands full undoing the mess the idiot has made.

  2. anonymous June 11, 2018 at 6:55 am

    what’s so fragile in Trump is his sense of self.” “His interest is almost entirely about how he is seen or how he thinks he’s seen,” “Trump instinctively lashes out at any criticism and simply will not tolerate listening to anyone tell him he’s wrong about something.

    “I’m going to say it very bluntly: He’s mentally ill,” “This is a man — and I understand I’m not a psychiatrist, but he’s prima facie mentally ill. He has a personality disorder. That means on its face this is a man who is unstable, who doesn’t think clearly and has narrowed his frame by pushing out anybody who will disagree with him.””

  3. ibwilliamsi June 11, 2018 at 7:04 am

    Trump is absolutely “worthy of his people”. All 12 of them. Plus Putin. The rest of us never so much as cross his mind.

    • anonymous June 11, 2018 at 7:25 am

      aka the deplorable dis·ci·ple swamp club monsters…

  4. anonymous June 11, 2018 at 7:08 am

    ““Trump is making the United States a global laughingstock, drying up our credibility/influence so badly that the next President can’t get it back.”” “Merkel said she was not happy with the president’s handling of the joint communique.
    “The withdrawal by tweet is of course sobering and a bit depressing,””

  5. ANONYMOUS June 11, 2018 at 7:47 am

    OT Code Red?”as reported by journalists or straight from his own mouth and Twitter account— in order to form an opinion.”>”If you don’t like a leader’s policies yet can’t counter them using facts, evidence and reason, just start slinging mud. If you don’t think Barack Obama is being tough enough on terrorists, for instance, don’t bother grappling with his killing of Osama bin Laden or his unleashing a hell-storm of drone strikes on bad guys. Instead, claim he founded ISIS. Not in a metaphorical way, mind you. No, insist he was actually a founding member of a group that, among other atrocities, kidnaps young girls for use as sex slaves.”
    ” Sen. John McCain, responded when a woman stood up at one of his town hall meetings during the 2008 presidential campaign and began assaulting the character of his opponent, the aforementioned Barack Obama. He cut her off and shut her down, telling her Obama was a fine man, that they simply disagreed on the issues. That response may or may not have pleased his crowd that day. I suspect McCain didn’t care. He said what he said not to be popular but because it was the right thing to do.

    Now, recall Donald Trump campaigning against Hillary Clinton, calling her Crooked Hillary and leading his frenzied followers in chants of “Lock her up!” See the difference?”
    ” A U.S. president without integrity is a president without credibility. And credibility on the world stage is a crucial commodity.” ” Trump’s lack of trustworthiness poses a serious threat to our country’s ability to act effectively in international relations, with all the potential for calamity that implies, so too does his incompetence.”
    “According to this most inexperienced of presidents, preparation is really not important. As Trump tells it, what really matters is “attitude”.

    Might I suggest that when dealing with someone who blows relatives to bits with anti-aircraft guns and who not so long ago murdered his own brother in a crowded airport using female assassins carrying deadly nerve agents, ‘tude is not the wisest strategy?

    Besides honesty, integrity and competence, we are also known by the company we keep.” “Trump, it seems, will go to any length to protect himself from revelations of wrongdoing”

    • anonymous June 11, 2018 at 8:11 am

      ‘lipstick on a pig is still a pig…’

      “In Anatomy of Terror, former FBI special agent and New York Times best-selling author Ali Soufan dissects bin Laden’s brand of jihadi terrorism and its major offshoots, revealing how these organizations were formed, how they operate, their strengths, and – crucially – their weaknesses. This riveting account examines the new Islamic radicalism through the eyes of its flag-bearers, including a Jordanian former drug dealer whose cruelties shocked even his fellow militants, an Air Force colonel who once served Saddam Hussein, and a provincial bookworm who declared himself caliph of all Muslims. We meet Ayman al-Zawahiri, titular head of al-Qaeda; Saif al-Adel, an Egyptian ex-soldier who faked his own death to become the group’s security chief; and bin Laden’s own beloved son Hamza, a prime candidate to lead the organization his late father founded.

      To eliminate the scourge of terrorism, we must first know who the enemy actually is, and what his motivations are. Anatomy of Terror lays bare the psychology and inner workings of al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, and their spawn, and shows how the spread of terror can be stopped.”<apocalyptic prophesy

  6. anonymous June 11, 2018 at 9:03 am

    “Flake is among a group of Republican senators who took to Twitter to signal moral opposition to Trump’s latest attack on an American ally — one that included John McCain (R-AZ) and Susan Collins (R-ME).”

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