FBI agent who dropped gun while dancing charged with second degree assault.

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Remember that guy?

Well, Colorado finally got around to charging him.

Courtesy of WGN9:

Denver District Attorney Beth McCann charged 29-year-old Chase Bishop on Tuesday after he turned himself in to the sheriff’s department. Booking documents do not indicate if Bishop has hired an attorney.

Police have said Bishop was dancing at the downtown bar on June 2 when the gun fell from his waistband holster onto the floor. The firearm went off when he picked it up, and another customer suffered a serious but non-life-threatening gunshot wound to the lower leg.

Additional charges could be filed based on the results of toxicology tests, which have not yet been received.

I am going to imagine that the FBI has some disciplinary measures of their own. 

Let that be a lesson to you kids. 

You cannot be the good guy with a gun who stops a bad guy with a gun if your damn gun drops out of your pants and shoots an innocent bar patron. 

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