Donald Trump says that Evangelicals are happier with the US embassy move to Jerusalem than the Jews.

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Courtesy of The Hill:

President Trump said in a new interview that evangelical Christians have been more appreciative than Jewish people of his decision to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Trump indicated to Mike Huckabee on the former GOP governor’s show on the TBN Christian network that he was surprised by the reaction.

“I tell you what, I get more calls of thank you from evangelicals, and I see it in the audiences and everything else, than I do from Jewish people,” Trump said. “And the Jewish people appreciate it but the evangelicals appreciate it more than the Jews.”

“It’s not a surprise though Mr. President, because evangelicals are people of the book,” Huckabee replied. “And they believe you kept a promise, were fulfilling really a 3,000-year old commitment to recognize Jerusalem as the capital.”

“I think it’s a nice thing to say because it really affects Jewish people in theory more, but as you say people of the book, people of the Bible,” Trump said. “But the evangelicals really appreciate it and that makes me feel good.”

“People of the book” is code for “simple morons who believe in fairy tales.” 

And the reason that the Evangelicals are more hyped about this move than the Jewish people is that they see the consolidation of power in Jerusalem as a necessary step toward the Rapture.

In other words, they are anxious for the war that will decimate the Jewish people and then convince thousands to convert to Christianity which will then usher in the return of Jesus Christ. 

Evangelicals only care about Israel and the Jewish people as a means to an End Time. 

So yes, of course, they are very pumped about the US Embassy in Jerusalem. 

The Jewish people, less so. 

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