Despite assurances from Trump that North Korea is no longer a threat, they continue to upgrade their nuclear facility.

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Looks like somebody did not nail this deal down.

Courtesy of The Guardian:

Infrastructure improvements at the Yongbyon nuclear plant are “continuing at a rapid pace”, according to an analysis by monitoring group 38 North of commercial satellite images taken on 21 June.

The cooling system for the plutonium production reactor has been modified and at least two new non-industrial buildings have been built on the site, possibly for use by visiting officials. A new engineering office building has been completed and construction has continued on support facilities throughout the complex, according to a blog post written by Frank V Pabian, Joseph S Bermudez Jr, and Jack Liu.

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, has committed to “complete denuclearisation” in meetings with Donald Trump and South Korean president Moon Jae-in, but the details of how and when that will happen have not yet been decided. Kim announced earlier this year the North’s nuclear arsenal and weapons capable of striking the US were complete, and the North closed its only known nuclear test site in May.

“Infrastructure improvements continue at Yongbyon,” Jenny Town, managing editor of 38 North, wrote on Twitter. “Underscores reason why an actual deal is necessary, not just a statement of lofty goals.”

Keep in mind that Trump rejected a nuclear deal with Iran that allowed inspectors into their facilities, and actual consequences for not keeping their word. 

Trump called that “the worst deal he had ever seen.”

By contrast, Trump did not get dick from Kim Jong Un. 

He also did not get any humanitarian concessions from the boy king.

Courtesy of The Daily Mail:

Kim Jong-un ordered the public execution of a high-ranking army officer – for giving his troops extra rations of food and fuel.

Lieutenant General Hyon Ju-song was pumped pull of 90 rounds fired by nine military death-row convicts who made up the firing squad.

He was put to death after being found guilty of charges of abusing authority, profiting the enemy and engaging in anti-Party acts.

Apparently taking care of your troops is a killing offense in North Korea. 

So why wouldn’t we trust this guy to keep his word? 

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  1. Anonymous June 28, 2018 at 1:47 pm

    Yeah, we all know, except for the ego manic in the WH, that trump got played.

  2. Anon June 28, 2018 at 2:59 pm

    I think we’re gucked.

  3. Anonymous June 29, 2018 at 7:37 am

    ‘the war in Iraq would be a huge bOOn to the American economy, even though the Trillions it added to the deficit (not to mention the tens of Thousands of lives it co$t)
    “That Kudlow does not present the best economic arguments is not shocking. He recommended buying stocks in September 2008, denied the existence of the housing bubble in 2005, lauded the “Bush BOOm” on the eve of the Great Recession,
    and argued that unemployment benefits make people not want to work (which is not true).”

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