AP reports on year old confidential memo Trump lawyers sent Robert Mueller unleashing blistering attack on James Comey.

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Vilifying a former BFI chief to deflect investigation in Russian collusion. Just Trump things.

Courtesy of the AP:

Lawyers for President Donald Trump unleashed a blistering attack on former FBI Director James Comey in a confidential memo last year to the special counsel, casting him as “Machiavellian,” dishonest and “unbounded by law and regulation” as they sought to undermine the credibility of a law enforcement leader they see as a critical witness against the president.

The letter, obtained by The Associated Press, provides a window into the formation of a legal strategy currently used by Trump’s lawyers as they seek to pit the president’s word against that of the former FBI director. Comey’s firing in May 2017 helped set in motion the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller, and one-on-one conversations with Trump that Comey documented in a series of memos helped form the basis of Mueller’s inquiry into whether the president obstructed justice.

The June 27, 2017, letter was written by Marc Kasowitz, then the president’s lead lawyer, as Mueller and his team were in the early stages of their investigation into Trump associates and as they had begun examining whether the president, by firing Comey, had sought to stymie an FBI investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. The White House initially pointed as justification for the firing to a Justice Department memo that faulted Comey for his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, though Trump later said that “this Russia thing” was on his mind when he made the move.

It’s not clear to what extent, if any, the attacks on Comey have resonated with Mueller’s team, which continues to seek an interview with the president on whether he had a corrupt intent when he fired the FBI director. And even in the face of withering criticism, Comey has been largely consistent in his telling of his interactions with Trump in his memos, his book and numerous press interviews he’s given in recent months.

The 13-page document aims to identify for Mueller what the lawyers believe are grievous errors both in how Comey handled the Clinton investigation and in his early, and limited, encounters with the president. In it, Kasowitz argues that Comey cannot be trusted as a witness because he repeatedly embellished his testimony before Congress, put his “own personal interests and emotions” above FBI protocol and left a cloud of undue suspicion above the president’s head.

“Over the last year, Mr. Comey has engaged in a pattern of calculated unilateral action unbounded by governing law, regulation and practice, and plainly motivated by personal and political self-interest,” wrote Kasowitz, who has since stepped aside as lead lawyer.

Keep in mind that this memo was sent while the Mueller investigation was in its infancy and only a little over a month after Trump fired Comey. 

This clearly means that Trump feared what Comey might say to the Mueller investigation, which of course by now he has already said. 

My take on this is that what Comey has to say supports the accusation that Trump, or his campaign, or both,  colluded with the Russians to steal the election and he was desperate to destroy Comey’s credibility before he testified to the investigators.

However, the problem with that is the fact that Robert Mueller KNOWS James Comey, and therefore would be somewhat immune to an attempt at character assassination. 

Still, that does not mean Trump will not keep right on trying.

Oh yeah, a Democratic con job.

That’s it. 

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  1. Anonymous July 7, 2018 at 4:55 pm

    Trump baby blimp to go on ‘world tour’

    The organizers behind the blimp depicting President Trump as a baby that will fly over London next week during Trump’s trip to the city announced that they will now take the blimp on a world tour.

    The organizers wrote on a crowdfunding site for the 20-foot-tall balloon that “people have have been SO generous and supportive that we now have WAY more money than we can sensibly spend just on Trump’s UK visit in July!”

    “So – Trump Baby is going on World Tour!” the organizers wrote. “All the details are still TBC but once little Donald has been run out of Britain in July, we will start to put together an itinerary – so if your community is unlucky enough to be expecting a visit from the orange sex pest, please get in touch after the 14th.”

    More than £25,400, or about $33,850 had been raised for the blimp as of Saturday evening.


    • Beaglemom July 8, 2018 at 8:10 am

      I’d like to see it at each of the venues (not in London) where Trump is scheduled to be while in England and Scotland. I still wish that Britain would withdraw their invitation to him. He’s clearly in cahoots with Putin whose lacks keep killing Russians staying in Britain. Just last week someone who’s supposed to testify in Russia was strangled in his hotel room in England. And that pesky poisonous substance keeps making people very ill in the Salisbury area. Who knows what dangerous, toxic residues Trump and his entourage will leave behind them?

  2. Anonymous July 7, 2018 at 5:08 pm

    Seventh former Ohio State wrestler claims Jordan knew of alleged sexual abuse

    A seventh former Ohio State University wrestler came forward Saturday with claims that Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) knew about alleged sexual abuse taking place on the wrestling team while Jordan was an assistant coach.

    David Range told The Washington Post that Jordan must have know about the alleged sexual abuse by athletic doctor Richard Strauss because it was regularly discussed.

    “Jordan definitely knew that these things were happening — yes, most definitely,” Range told the newspaper. “It was there. He knew about it because it was an everyday occurrence.”

    The former wrestler said that he did not talk about the alleged abuse with Jordan directly and was unaware of any formal reports made about it. He said the lawmaker was in the locker room during conversations about the topic.

    “We talked about it all the time in the locker room” with Jordan present, Range told the Post. “Everybody joked about it and talked about it all the time.”


  3. Anonymous July 7, 2018 at 7:17 pm

    Who arr these so called 13 angry democrats he is obsessed with,they sure are powerful.

    I understand russia has no extradition agreement with the US, when is trump planning hid trip?

  4. Anonymous July 8, 2018 at 3:29 am

    Dear Asshole in Our House,

    If Democrats couldn’t win against you, how the fuck could they mastermind a “witch hunt” before the election they lost. Dude, your brain is pudding!

  5. Anonymous July 8, 2018 at 8:20 am


    “News of the memo comes shortly after Rudy Giuliani told the New York Times Trump’s legal team had set new conditions to carry out an interview with the special counsel, making it clear that it is increasingly unlikely the president would end up willingly sitting down with Mueller’s team. Before agreeing to an interview, Mueller must prove he has evidence Trump committed a crime and that his words are essential to finish the investigation”

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